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Prosci is the world leader in research and publications in Change Management. Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Loveland, Colorado - USA.

The name "Prosci" represents the fusion of the words "professional" and "science" in Change Management.

Prosci contributed greatly to the establishment of Change Management as a profession and field of study.

The seven editions of Prosci Research Best Practices in Change Management, published over the last 16 years, are the largest body of knowledge of the area and the basis for all its methodologies and tools.

One of the most significant contributions of Prosci is demonstrating the link between an effective Change Management and the return on investment (ROI) of change projects. This innovative research repositioned the area as "soft" for a key player in the reduction of risks and the obtaining of benefits.

Today, more than 3,500 organizations around the world have adopted the individual change Prosci® ADKAR® Model and the Prosci methodology to successfully manage the human side of change.

Besides the United States, Prosci offers certification in its methodology by affiliates around the world: Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, the Middle East, Poland, United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, Italy, Malaysia and South Africa.

As Prosci Primary Affiliate in Brazil since 2014 and with over 15 years’ experience in Change Management, People Change has the experience to help you apply the best practices of Prosci to position people and projects in your company.

  •    70,000 members of Prosci’s Change Management Learning Center community

  •    20,000 Prosci certified change management practitioners

  •    best practice research participants

  •    Fortune 100 organizations that are Prosci customers

  •    countries represented in Prosci’s best practices research

  •    longitudinal studies on change management over 16 years

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to change management. The client is the one who knows your organization, culture, values and business model. Every business has different challenges. All organizations, however, share the need to address the complexity of change.

The Prosci Best Practices in Change Management revealed that the inefficient management of people during change was the number one reason of projects being unsuccessful in all sectors.

As one of the few companies that do not offer consulting services, Prosci is able to maintain a neutral position in the market and focus on their core offering: change management products and training programs.

This distinction, combined with the emphasis of Prosci in products focused on research and training, enables companies, government agencies and large consulting companies to build the internal competence of change management, which is the big driver of business results, and promote competitive advantage.

  • Prosci Methodology® - The integration of individual, organizational and business change management on the scale of a holistic

    • Prosci 3-Phase Process - A structured approach full of easy-to-use tools and resources.

    • Prosci ADKAR® Model - A focus on the people-side of change.

    • Prosci Enterprise Change Management™ (ECM) - A roadmap for institutionalizing change management to create change

  • World-class training for all levels of the organization.

  • Prosci Best Practices in Change Management.

  • Licensing options for developing the internal competence for change in companies.

  • Easy-to-use at all professional levels.